My Sweaty Love Affair with Mr. B

Writing | Posted January 19th, 2012

My Sweaty Love Affair with Mr. B

(RecoveringYogi, July 2011)

I spent six years entwined in a sweaty love affair with Mr. B.

B was challenging; he was athletic; he was intense and confident, a wildly charismatic jackass, and he cracked me open.  He was addictive the way the most toxic affairs are: I’d drag myself out of bed at 5 a.m. just to be with him; I’d save my nights for us, rushing out early from happy hour, tequila-buzzed and ready for action.  B was a drug, a fix. He stretched me and shot me down, and yet every day, I came crawling back to him for more, because the high was so good, the rush so great, the shattering so profound.

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