Enter The Yoga Grammar Nazi

Writing | Posted January 19th, 2012

Enter The Yoga Grammar Nazi

(Recovering Yogi, February 2012)

Yogis and fitness pros, I’ve gotta tell you: I’ve been trying reaalllllly hard of late to be forgiving and turn the other cheek and all that schtuff about this ongoing big THING in the yoga world.  But I can’t take it anymore.  That carefully-cultivated yogi non-reactivity is flying out the window, and the thwarted Type A copy editor in me is blazing to growl.

Because: really, kids.  Get your 8th grade English skills together.


It’s already tough to be taken seriously as a legitimate intellect when you’re spending most days bouncing up and down in unitards and ponytails.  Everybody assumes we’re flaky to begin with.  So those of us who’ve found refuge from the Real World by creating careers somewhat outside the corporate ladder need to band together and put our [bare] feet down already.

This fitness-world abuse of the English language has got to stop.

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